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*** All New Safari Books Online ***

Try the new version of Safari Books Online during our Open House -- no
charge, no strings attached!

O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly is enthusiastic about the benefits of
this new release:

"Safari Books Online 6.0 is a complete, bottom-to-top revamping of the
original service. The new UI is slicker and faster, with the kind of
drag-and-drop goodness that people expect from a modern web application.
In addition, we've added some long-requested features that take advantage
of the online medium in ways that aren't possible with standalone ebooks."

** 10 Days Free **

Test drive Safari Books Online free for 10 days or 200 page views. Get
your free trial now:  


There has never been a better time to check out Safari Books Online:

- Access 8,500 Books & Videos

Enjoy unlimited online access to more than 8,500 books and videos from the
world's leading publishers, including O'Reilly Media, Addison-Wesley, Prentice
Hall, Microsoft Press, Apress, Manning, Total Training, PeepCode and more.	

- Search Multiple Sources on One Platform

Quickly search across the entire library to pinpoint just the information
you need. You can even save your favorite searches as folders you name
that automatically update as new information is added!

- Read Books Before They are Published

Be the first to learn about cutting edge topics. Read pre-publication
manuscripts and interact with the authors.

- Organize Your Favorites

Create your own Favorites Folders for the books and videos you use the
most. Drag and drop titles into folders. Build your own custom digital
library within Safari Books Online.

- Use Time-Saving Tools

Rate and review books, attach your own notes, assign tags, highlight
sections and bookmark pages of books as you read them. You can then search
across your highlights, notes, and tags or even build and print custom
summary documents.

- Get Information Where You Need It

Read mobile-friendly books directly from cell phones and mobile devices.
Receive five download tokens per month to download chapters or full books
to print or read offline.

Whether you need to stay on the cutting edge of your field, learn new
skills, or prepare for certification exams, you can learn more and spend
less with Safari Books Online.

See for Yourself. Try the New Safari Books Online On Us:


Forward It On! Know someone who might be interested?

For a very limited time, try a Safari Library account on us -- no strings
attached! Register during our Open House and test drive Safari Books
Online for up to 10 days or 200 page views.*

*Limited time offer ends November 24, 2009. Not available in all
countries. Available to new subscribers only. Rough Cuts and Downloads not
available during trial.

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