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Tue Nov 3 17:07:40 PST 2009

Perl Webapp Dev needed in the exciting document compliance industry


If you're excited about the compliance industry (and who isn't) and have
some of the following qualifications, we would love to know more about
you.  Even if you're not sure what this compliance stuff is (it does seem
esoteric at times) or you suspect it might be extremely boring (this is
true for most people), then you still might want to check this out. We
think writing software that makes our customers awesome at managing
documents and heroes when it comes to being audit-ready at the drop of a
hat is actually kinda fun and very challenging. And frankly, we're warming
up to all this compliance stuff.  There's documents, revision histories,
meta-data galore, workflow (state) diagrams, hierarchies, pointers going
every-which-way, and even a good use for cryptographic checksums. Managing
document compliance looks a lot like a good distributed source code
management system when you look at it that way. So, have a closer look. If
you're self-driven, love challenges, enjoy working with other geeks, and
have at least half these qualifications (and want to develop the rest),
then we want to hear from you.

Our team is small, the job is daunting at times, and we need more talent
to meet our development roadmap goals. You would be working on and using
our core product, the Lucidoc Compliance Management Solution application;
a web-based system largely developed in Perl, SQL, and JavaScript that has
been in production use for ten years. Naturally, some of the work involves
maintenance and customer support. But our primary efforts go toward adding
new features based on customer, business, and market needs. Our management
team is dedicated to keeping distractions to a minimum and roadblocks out
of the way (although, they occasionally get through as I'm sure you're
familiar with).  The development team takes responsibility for deciding
how things will be implemented within the framework of the development
roadmap. We also have a lot of input into our future technical strategies.

We're not just looking for another coder with the technical chops on some
list of bullet points. We want someone who embodies The Three Great
Virtues Of A Programmer. Someone with the fortitude to bring order to
chaos, clarity to over-cleverness, and elegance to clumsy, brute-forced
code. Someone fearless yet vindictive when faced with spaghetti code.
Someone who demonstrates eternal vigilance against code entropy. Someone
who strives to keep up with evolving development standards in web
application infrastructure.


This list is not necessarily complete but rather intends to give one a
concept of the kind of developer we hope to work with. We don't expect
anyone to make a "perfect score" and prefer that we are all striving for
some unattainable perfection. A link to a more detailed job description is
provided below.

 - Significant knowledge of and experience in Perl programming.

 - At least 5 years experience developing web-based applications, including
   working with session data storage, relational databases, caching, and
   inter-process communication.

 - A solid understanding of the "separation of concerns" and how it relates to
   a MVC application.

 - Experience and competence with Linux/UNIX, Subversion, Git, Mercurial or
   similar version control system, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and XML.

 - Understanding of professional software development processes. Including
   familiarity with the cycles of requirements definition, issue tracking,
   version control, automated testing, deployment and maintenance and Agile
   development methods.

 - The ability to think and make decisions rapidly based on business criteria,
   not exclusively on technical priorities.

 - Clear and articulate communication, both written and spoken.

 - Forward thinking mindset and the ability to consider future growth and
   analyze scalability of existing systems and software, and to apply those
   insights to current development.

 - The ability to quickly understand requirements, documentation and
   contribute code towards various project deliverables in a timely and
   professional manner is required.

 - Taking initiative beyond minimum expectations to determine long-term
   successes of the company.

 - Provide guidance and mentoring regarding best practices and software
   industry standards, code design and implementation.

 - Perform code reviews.

Welcome augmentations

 - Expertise with: JavaScript, mod_perl2, Oracle 10g database, MS SQL


 - Working from home or telecommuting is occasionally possible but most work
   is done within our offices - we like white boards and solid, in-person
   architectural discussions.

 - No agencies or third party referrals.

 - No sponsorships available.

 - No relocation assistance is provided, however company will consider
   candidates willing to pay their own relocation expenses.

 - Full time, permanent position (W-2)
 - Stock options and a bonus plan are in place

For a more complete job description, please see the following document:


To apply for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to:

   careers-sd12-spug at lucidoc.com

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