SPUG: Call for topics; call for leaders

Steve Baylis steve at baylis.org
Fri May 15 18:40:49 PDT 2009

> If you guys do that, then I'm taking the day off work next Tuesday  
> so I
> can make it (without risking getting snarled on a bridge)!

I probably shouldn't be the one to break the news but since someone  
has to do it, I figured better me now than someone else after you take  
a day off work....

This month's SPUG meeting will be a social gathering at Elephant &  

Why?  Because we don't have a speaker lined up and we don't have  
anyone from Marchex who can attend and let people into the room.  It's  
actually fairly fortunate that it worked out that way, as I'd hate to  
have to cancel on a presenter due to lack of meeting space.

And no, Gryphon, this is not me raising my hand to be the leader of  
SPUG.  I'm already the sole host, I don't need more jobs and SPUG  
needs more redundancy.


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