SPUG: multi-line substition, all at once.

Ryan Corder ryanc at greengrey.org
Wed Jun 24 15:49:24 PDT 2009

Greetings all,

I'm trying to do a multi-line substitution of a particular sort and things
aren't quite working out.  I've been grinding at it for a little bit now
to the point that I think it's time to ask for some assitance.  I'm using 5.10.

Say I have the following:

my $code=<<__CODE__;
 :    sub hello {
 :        say "Hello World!";
 :    }

I would like to get back:

[code]    sub hello {
        say "Hello World!";

I've been playing around with the zero-width lookbehind assertions, but it
seems as if the positive (?<=) and negative (?<!) behave differently.  Both
are supposed to make the match, but not include it in $&.  Negative works
that way, but positive is including or so it seems.  Here is what I have so

$code =~ s@(?:(?<=\s\:).*)+@"[code]$&[/code]"@esg;  (gives me)

 :[code]    sub hello {
 :        say "Hello World!";
 :    }

$code =~ s@(^(\s\:)(.*)$)+@"[code]$3[/code]"@esg;  (gives me)

[code]    sub hello {
 :        say "Hello World!";
 :    }

Both are close in their own ways, but no cigar.  I've tried other permutations
of the regex to no avail.

I know I could do this with two regex, but for reasons that are not pertinent
to the discusion, I would really like to do this with one.

Any hints?


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