SPUG: Packaging a Perl app?

Christopher Howard choward at indicium.us
Wed Jan 14 16:09:38 PST 2009

I'm writing my first real Perl application at work, a Linux console app. 
It depends on one module outside the core distribution (Term::ReadKey).

I was hoping to wrap the app into a tarball package. I currently have a 
simple Makefile that installs the app to /usr/bin, or to $HOME/bin for a 
local install, plus documentation. This does not seem like enough, though, 
because it doesn't check to see whether all needed modules are available 
before installing, and doesn't adjust to particulars of the user's system.

My Question: Can (and should) I use MakeMaker and a Makefile.PL for this? 
I looked at ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial, but it seemed like it was meant 
more for packaging modules for installation, rather than applications.

Or is there some other option I should consider?

Christopher Howard

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