SPUG: Regexp::Assemble question

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Wed Feb 25 08:55:13 PST 2009

On Tue, 24 Feb 2009, John W. Krahn wrote:

> Emails do not have colours, they are just plain text.

Mine doesn't. But I know some do. Regardless, Amit's intent was still

> Is this your actual code?  If so, you don't need the subroutines at all, 
> you just need the keys.  And why use a hash reference instead of a hash?

Your tone suggests that all Perl programmers should use it in the same way
(your's aparently). Where I come from, Perl is spoken by people of every
skill level; from baby-perl-talk to uber-l33t-golpher-perl. If the code
works, it works. Style and convention mostly become a matter of teamwork.
This list is about learning and sharing Perl. I suspect you might not have
realized this (considering your reply to Amit and your previous reply to
this list).

> Why all the duplicate code?
>      my $mode = qx(file $filename) =~ /gzip/i ? '<:gzip' : '<';
>      open MYINPUTFILE, $mode, $filename or $Logger->logdie( "Error 
> opening file: $!" );


> No need for this variable as Perl provides the $. built-in variable that 
> keeps track of the current line number.

Maybe so, but $lines is a lot more obvious than $. when it comes time to
review or update the code. Perhaps $INPUT_LINE_NUMBER (via English.pm)
could be even more obvious (and mean *exactly* the same thing as $.,
whereas $lines could actually mean something slightly different!).

> Those people who think they know everything are a great
> annoyance to those of us who do.        -- Isaac Asimov

Wow. Again?

Let me put it simply: knock it off. If you want to bash people about how
they write Perl, go hang out on Usenet or some obscure IRC channel. It's
not welcome here.

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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