SPUG: Debugging Question regarding Perl via Eclipse/EPIC

JJ Zabkar jjzabkar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 10:18:48 PST 2009


I am an Eclipse/EPIC user.  In 'Debug' mode, my console shows the standard
-d debugging output, but the "variables" tab doesn't show the variable
names/values.  For those familiar with this IDE, do you have any suggestions
on how to get this to work?  I just want to see my variable names/values.

*My IDE info: *
I've been using Eclipse 3.3.2 with EPIC 0.6.21.  I have PadWalker 1.7 per
EPIC's requirements <http://www.epic-ide.org/guide/ch01.php#prerequisites>[
epic-ide.org].  My Perl environment is 5.8.7 ActivePerl on a win32 platform,
but I am also experiencing this issue on my Mac OSX (10.4) and Solaris
development workstations.

Take care...
-JJ Zabkar
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