SPUG: Strange code effect

Charles DeRykus derykus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 18:46:18 PST 2009

> ...

> # Server dies silently at the following statement
> my $chosenO = shift @arrayoforefs;

> # If I do this instead:
> my $chosenO = $arrayoforefs[0];

> # Then this causes the server to silently crash:
> return unless $chosenO;
> ...

In my experience, when the server goes "silently into
that good night", an untrapped signal is often the

You might try using Signal::StackTrace to get a stack
dump. Just identify some of the usual signal suspects,

   use Signal::StackTrace qw/ SEGV TERM PIPE /; # etc...

And the trace will help pin down what's happened.

Charles DeRykus
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