SPUG: PostgreSQL Conference comes to Seattle

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Fri Aug 7 13:15:53 PDT 2009

I know this isn't exactly Perl, but I know there's strong synergy between
Perl and PostgreSQL. I'm passing along this announcement for Joshua D.

Submit here:


The event this year is being held at Seattle Central Community College
from October 16th through 18th. The move to Seattle opens up a larger
metropolitan area for continuing to expose databases users, developers,
and administrators to the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database.
Following previously successful West Coast conferences, we will be
hosting a series of 3-4 hour tutorials, 90 minute mini-tutorials, and 45
minute talks.

This year we will be continuing our trend of covering the entire
PostgreSQL ecosystem. We would like to see talks and tutorials on the
following topics:

General PostgreSQL:

      * Performance
      * High Availability
      * Migration
      * GIS
      * Integration
      * Solutions and White Papers

The Stack:
      * Perl5/Catalyst/Bricolage
      * Potato
      * Ruby/Rails
      * Java (PLJava would be great)/Groovy/Grails
      * Operating System optimization (Linux/FBSD/Solaris/Windows)
      * Solutions and White Papers

If you are using PostgreSQL as your platform, you need to be presenting
at this conference! You may submit your paper here:


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