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Wed Apr 29 12:49:01 PDT 2009

I'm looking for a contractor to help "productize" and extend a skunkworks
project I've been working on here at Demand Media. Let me know if you're
interested and available to start.

Note that the job description mentions a commitment of 40 hours/week for a
month. I am skeptical it will actually require that much time. My guess
would be more like 20 hours per week for the first week or two, then 10-15
per week after that, with a longer overall duration (I expect the business
team running this to continue to want changes and improvements made

Kevin Fink

Contact me: kevin {at} demandmedia.com

Contract Software Developer

Demand Media Overview:

Every day Demand Media makes it possible for people to create and publish
valuable content for millions of Internet users to engage around
passionate communities, and for thousands of websites to grow with content
and social media features their audiences want.  Get involved with the
company that is redefining the content and social media landscape!  As a
contractor with Demand Media you can build your skills and work with a
group of motivated and intelligent individuals and collaborate with some
of the most revolutionary leaders in the content and social media

Demand Media team members are energized by their ability to work in a fast
paced, highly flexible environment where their decisions can have a
positive effect on the company’s bottom line!  Our team members enjoy a
diverse environment with infinite opportunity.

We're looking for ambitious, driven, self-starters who want to be on
the leading edge of developing technology and the content and social
media evolution.

Position Summary:

We are looking for someone to take over primary development
responsibility for a critical component of our Content on Domains
initiative. The current working prototype creates templates for
content-driven web sites based on static configuration files and an
XML feed of articles. It also interacts with the Google Webmaster API
for site verification, sitemap submission, and error checking. It is
written in Perl and Bash.

The first phase of additional development will focus on cleaning up
the existing system, adding better error handling, improving
diagnostics, and potentially moving the configuration information into
a database. Subsequent phases will include integrating with a Google
Search Appliance (or other site-search facility), moving from static
configuration files to a database, creating and/or modifying
configuration information via interaction with external APIs, creating
new template types and layouts, etc.

This position will require some in-person meetings in Bellevue WA and
potentially some travel to Santa Monica CA and/or Austin TX, but most
of the work can be done via telecommuting if desired.


 - 5+ years experience developing database-backed web applications
   using Perl
 - Module development
 - Database design - MySQL/PostgreSQL/MS SQL/DBM/GDBM/etc
 - DBI/DBD and tied hashes
 - Experience consuming web services and APIs
 - LWP
 - XML::Simple
 - Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS
 - Excellent communication skills
 - Up-beat, can-do attitude

Desired Skills:

 - Good understanding of and experience with SEO and site analytics
 - Experience integrating/implementing site search
 - Experience working with large-scale template-driven website creation
 - Experience integrating various forms of 3rd party advertising (Google
   Adsense, Kontera, etc) into websites
 - Experience with AJAX & Javascript

We Offer:

 - Contractor position. Expected commitment of 40 hours / week.
   Timeframe TBD but initial expectation is for at least 1 month of
   dedicated work.
 - Energetic, focused, and collaborative work environment

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