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Tue Apr 21 16:07:55 PDT 2009

Once it's submitted, tiny gerbils bring it to the attention of
important people who review your application. Approval is quick, but
because the gerbils tire easily you might not learn if your submission
was accepted for a week or two. But if you anger the gerbils on their
return journey you will promptly get a huge workload which completely
neutralizes any opportunity to write fun Perl code for a minimum of
six months.

Well ... something like that. That's how it seemed to work for me,
anyways. You should get your approval within a couple of weeks.

Kind Regards,
Brian Wisti

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Mark Mertel <mark.mertel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> generally, once a request for a PAUSE id has been submitted what is the process, and how long can it be expected to take?
> thanks
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