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Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Apr 21 11:17:36 PDT 2009

From: Tim Maher, Consultix 
  Re: Spring and Summer Training Classes in Seattle

In addition to our usual offerings of popular classes on UNIX, Linux,
and Perl topics, we've got something extra special for Spring!
Colin Meyer, ace Perl programmer and recognized expert on Database
and Web programming, will be teaching his 3-day "Database Programming
with Perl" class in early June. A brief description of this class
follows after our full schedule of Seattle public classes, which is
provided below. You'll find links to other Consultix resources and
services further down.

Best wishes,
-Tim Maher
(206) 781-8649

 Spring and Summer Training Classes in Seattle from Consultix
           TITLE               DATES     Days   Discount

     UNIX/Linux Fundamentals   5/26-05/29   4    4/24

    *Perl Database Prog.       6/02-06/04   3    5/01
     Perl Programming          7/06-07/08   3    6/05
     Perl Modules              7/09-07/10  1.5   6/05

     Shell Programming         7/13-07/15   3    6/12
     UNIX/Linux Utilities      7/16-07/17   2    6/12

     Intermediate Perl         7/21-07/23   3    6/19

    !UNIX/Linux Fundamentals   8/17-08/20   4    7/17
    !Perl Programming          8/24-08/26   3    7/24
    !Perl Modules              8/27-08/28  1.5   7/24
   * Taught by Colin Meyer; all other classes taught by Dr Tim Maher. 
   ! Tentative dates; not yet accepting registrations.

          ** DATABASE PROGRAMMING with PERL **
        A hands-on Training Course by Colin Meyer

                 Presented by Consultix

The Perl "DBI" (database interface) approach to database programming
allows one to write generic database-access programs that can
interface with any of the popular database management systems (Oracle,
Sybase, MySQL, etc.). Once the program is written, it's no big deal if
the underlying database is subsequently changed from one type to
another, because the DBI module insulates the programmer's code from
most of the database-specific details anyway. This makes Perl a very
effective and efficient platform for database programming, which is
one reason why the language is so popular.

This course is by local expert Colin Meyer, a well known member of the
Seattle Perl Users Group, who has years of production-level Perl
DBI/CGI experience with well-known high-tech companies. For example,
Colin has worked on the databases for the websites of US West, Geospiza,
and Whitepages.com, as well as those for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Most importantly, he's an easy-going guy who likes to share his
knowledge and is really good at doing so! However, he rarely gets a
chance to teach this popular class that he created, so if you want
to learn about database programming with Perl from an expert, you'll
want to seize this opportunity to do so.

For more details on this course, see http://TeachMePerl.com/dbi.html,
or contact Tim Maher, tim at TeachMePerl.com.

General Information:
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        Perl,       http://TeachMePerl.com/perllist.html
        UNIX/Shell, http://TeachMeUnix.com/unixlist.html
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