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On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 12:40 PM, BenRifkah Bergsten-Buret <
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>  Looking more closely I realized that the OP is doing method calls
> "$fropper->$_" instead of hash lookups "$fropper->{$_}".  A slice in this
> case would only work if you had these objects tied to a hash class that
> overloaded FETCH with a method call.  I imagine that would incur a
> performance penalty.
> The fact that these are method calls is the reason that Phil is running
> into the scalar vs. list context issue.  A hash look-up have this problem.

Ben, thanks for noticing this ... I had to do a little research to make
sense of this point. An nonexistent hash element always returns undef, but
an empty return statement returns () in list context.

Thanks to everybody who replied! I learned a bunch in this thread!!


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