SPUG: Working with currency

Michael R. Wolf michaelrwolf at att.net
Thu Apr 2 15:10:53 PDT 2009

I've got some students in class this week whose process was halted  
because they were off by $0.02 in their $3M totals.

A quick CPAN search unearthed Math::Currency.  If anyone has  
experience with it, I'd appreciate a quick "thumbs up" or "thumbs  
down" quick poll.  I'd also appreciate any quick pointers to useful  
modules or practices (or anti-recommendations or anti-patterns).

I don't need a *description of the problem*.  I understand the  
limitations of software and hardware.  What I'm looking for is some  
pointers to *pre-existing solutions*.


P.S.  I'm not making up the "2 cents" part.  It sounds so cliche, but  
it's the real figure.  Go figure!!!

Michael R. Wolf
     All mammals learn by playing!
         MichaelRWolf at att.net

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