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Hi Ron,


     I have been playing with a similar project in my spare time.  It
has been a frustrating process, but you have a couple of options.  If
you are willing/able to use a Windows environment, you can use
Win32::OLE and Win32::Process.  If you want to implement Bill's
suggestion, you can build the web pages as you like, then use
LWP::Simple to pull the content in to your ppt presentation.  This is
useful if you are making a similar presentation repeatedly with content
updated on a website.  


     If you are in a *nix environment, you can use Open Office and the
module OpenOffice::OODoc.  I did not have consistent results with this
approach, however.  I was also using more flashy slides with charts and
stuff and that may have been my issue.  Here is an article on how it can
be done with images:





I have been pretty happy with the Windows approach so far, but
understand that it may not be an option.  If it is and you are
interested, feel free to contact me off list and I would be happy to
share some code.


Thank You,
Chuck Orr


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Do you know of an easy way to prepare PowerPoint slides from plain text?


It can be done if we stick to simple headings and bullet points:



How about something more full featured, that lets me import graphics
from files, and insert tables?


I've seen Perl things here and there, but these presentations have to
end up as actual PowerPoint 

files. So if I can create it in something non-PPt, but then export it to
PPt, that would work.


Thank you,




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