SPUG: Need a transparent email forwarding utility

Ben Reser ben at reser.org
Tue Sep 16 12:14:08 PDT 2008

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 12:07 PM, Tim Maher <tim at consultix-inc.com> wrote:
> I have been changing From and Reply-to, using formail. But it's a bit
> tricky because there are at least two Froms in every email, and formail
> likes to grab the wrong one first unless I'm careful to spot that and grab
> the next.
> In some cases I've deleted a header that was apparently vital to
> having the message recognized as valid (by mutt), which is of courses
> a /very bad thing/. I don't really understand mail-message format, and
> I'm not willing to change that now.
> So long story short, instead of cobbling together my own system for
> rewriting headers, which is turning out to be more complicated than I
> thought, I'm looking for a more off-the-shell solution.

Sounds to me like you're breaking the envelope line for your mailbox format.

What mailbox format are you using and would it be possible to get a
sample message out of you.  Feel free to send it off list.

I can probably get you a working formail line that will do what you
want if you can get me a sample message and tell me what
mailbox format you're using.

I'm not aware of anything really premade for something like this
anymore than formail.

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