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Thu Sep 11 09:56:37 PDT 2008

Required skill-set - Software Engineer:

* Significant experience working with large-scale MVC web applications
  with high-traffic demands
* You're a good communicator that's most-comfortable when working on cross-
  functional teams
* You're also bullish on code quality and maintainability, but able to
  balance that with the pragmatism necessary to release product in a
  timely fashion
* Former managers describe you as an extremely productive contributor
  with a get-it-done attitude
* Experience coding in a field and on an application which is
  extremely relevant
* Interested in working in an environment where software engineers are
  not just cubicle coders but full participants in shaping the product
  and the business
* Desire to be involved in all phases of the product lifecycle from
  requirements to release and maintenance
* Driven by making a significant impact on the business 
* Enjoy interacting with a group of like-minded engineers who are
  passionate about software, software systems, and technology in general
Other details:

* Permanent Position
* Pre-IPO stock options, 80% company paid medical insurance for
  employees and 100% company paid dental/vision/life insurance for
  employees. Free lunch every Friday. Free drinks (coffee, tea, soda,
  juice) everyday.
* Placement directly through company
* Hiring status: W-2
* Full-time, onsite (no telecommuting)

Company's product/service:

CarDomain Network, Inc. is a privately held company in the social media
space and is looking for full-time software engineers. We've been around
since 1998 and have been developing social networking applications since
before MySpace, Facebook or Friendster. The development team takes their
job of creating functional, maintainable, sustainable and releasable
code very seriously and is involved in all aspects of application
development in our time-to-market driven environment. However, we are
also a laid-back group that enjoys playing chess and hanging out at our
free Friday lunches (yes, every Friday!).

Physical Location:

1633 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109

Please apply via e-mail to jobs at cardomain.com

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