SPUG: "Boolean" return values

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Oct 15 12:29:13 PDT 2008

Ronald J Kimball wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 08:08:37AM -0700, Michael R. Wolf wrote:
>> In practice, most strings are true.  I know of only 3 false strings:
>>  1. '', the empty string
>>  2. '0', the string containing only a single zero
>>  3. "\000", the ASCII NUL character (AKA chr(0)).
> There are only two false strings.  "\000" is true.

I *knew* that there were only two false strings, but yesterday, on a 
whim, I tried #3 and (to my surprise) found it to be *false*. 
Unfortunately, I can't recreate that experiment today, so I guess I'm 
back to my original beliefs, based on the documentation you provided.

Anyone know how I may have gotten "\000" to be hint that it's false?

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