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In the config file, only, right? It can't change the language. (Some modules
can make some surprising changes to the way Perl works sometimes, so I
wasn't quite sure.)



If set to a true value, then options in your config file, whose values are
set to true or false values, will be normalised to 1 or 0 respectively.

The following values will be considered as true:

 yes, on, 1, true
The following values will be considered as false:

 no, off, 0, false
This effect is case-insensitive, i.e. both "Yes" or "oN" will result in 1.


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on a not too unrelated tangent - Config::General allows for 'true', 'ok',
'1', 'yes' as true values, and 'false', 'not ok', 0, 'no' as false values

Mark Mertel
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