SPUG: State of the Perl Frameworks

Ron Pero spug at magnadev.com
Sun Nov 23 22:47:09 PST 2008

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question.

I'm looking closely at Catalyst. It is certainly a LOT easier to install now than last time I
checked it out. Better documentation too.

Here is an interesting link:


Ron Pero wrote:
> Dear SPUGsters
> What is the quickest, easiest way to create a database application at a 
> website?
> It's been a while since I've checked in with Catalyst, or with other 
> Perl "frameworks". Is Catalyst the top dog in the Perl world for this 
> kind of thing?
> Since the app I'm creating is small, I might use something similar to 
> CGI::Application. No mod-perl involved.
> Maypole? http://maypole.perl.org/
> Gantry? http://www.usegantry.org/
> Perl on Rails? 
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/radiolabs/2007/11/perl_on_rails.shtml
> Should be interesting to hear what people are actually using, and which 
> of these showed some promise but haven't matured.
> What say you?
> Ron
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