SPUG: Bye bye XP PC!!! Hello Leopard Mac???

Bryan spug at whohasit.com
Thu Nov 6 16:01:31 PST 2008

Now, I don't think the issue is any particular language so much, but rather, 
all of the other things you may want to load into your local system that 
should work nicely with those language(s) of choice.  

Frankly, developers here tend to install and configure as many tools as 
necessary to emulate a virtual production environment, similar to that faced 
within our datacenter .. not perfect, but that does save a lot of headaches 
moving from end to end.  

So in the end, that means in addition to your perl/modperl packages and 
dependencies, stuff like memcached, perlbal, tomcat/java, mysql, etc. and 
lots of more less obvious things like netpbm, imagemagik, et al should to be 
maintained with little or no variation. 

While the list of influential developers that I know running open source in 
the datacenter who also choose to run mac behind their primary keyboard gets 
longer, virtualization tools are clearly invaluable.


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On Thursday 06 November 2008 10:49:18 Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> My laptop PC's motherboard is fatally injured.  It's time to exercise
> Washington's newly passed right-to-die initiative.
> A lot's changed in the 6-8 years since I last made this decision.  I'd
> like to consider a Mac this time around.
> I'd be interested in anyone's Perl-centric (and business-owner-centric)
> pro/con list for both sides.
> Thanks,
> Michael
> P.S.  If it's generally useful to the group, please post here.  If not,
> would you prefer email or a quick phone call?
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