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Hi there, just wanted to put in a plug for a talk at OSCON 2008 about
the project I'm currently working on. While I'm still not on the
business side of things, I've always been interested in how the heck
to make money writing FLOSS. Only a handful of companies appear to do
so successfully. We're going to do it, too. Find out how!

Additionally, I've recently become interested in socially responsible
companies; this is also part of the talk. Hope you can make it!

The speaker--George Conard--is awesome, by the way. He's basically the
head man for Mifos right now.

(original post from
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.finance.mifos.devel/4560 follows)

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Mifos will be part of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2008 in
 Portland, Oregon, USA! George Conard will be giving what promises to
 be quite an interesting presentation:


 I just signed up for the conference. It would be cool if folks that
 sign up share which tutorials they plan on attending. I signed up for
 "sessions plus two tutorials days".

 "Programming Vim" (taught by the legendary Damian Conway)
 "Introduction to Seaside"

 "Secrets of JavaScript Libraries"
 "People for Geeks"

Adam Monsen

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