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Fri Jun 27 12:58:11 PDT 2008

Happy Friday SPUG!
We love hosting your meetings. It's great to be able to do something to
show our support of the tech community at large, and the Seattle Perl
Users Group has been a real success, so many of your members show up and
actively participate in talks, we're so happy to have you meet here. :)
Marchex is hiring for a few Perl Developers. In particular, I am looking
for a 'purple unicorn' (as we call it in recruiting) Perl developer. Here
are my unusual and impossible to find requirements:
All are permanent, FTE roles, we always offer equity with salary, and are
open to adding a signing bonus too, given the right candidate.
Location: Downtown Seattle - 413 Pine Street
Product: Marchex is an online advertising & search company for mom'n' pop
and national companies looking to reach their local & neighborhood

Telecommuting: No
Other: might require occaisonal travel to our Philadelphia office (1x
every 60 days at most)
Both have job title: Senior Perl Developer - salary is 90K (+) and can be
negotiable given the right candidate.

Jackie Wolfstone, Technical Recruiting Manager at Marchex
(contact info follows position details below)
1. Developer Skills Required:

 - SIP protocol & RTP (2 years minimum)
 - Understanding of PRI and TDM (ISDN, Q.931)
 - Writing high concurrency applications that utilize TCP/IP (5
   years minimum)
 - Unix (understanding Unix software development, e.g. file descriptors,
   locking, race conditions).
 - Perl (5 years minimum)
 - C/C++ (5 years minimum)
 - Complex SQL experience
 - Should have decent web development skills, CSS, JavaScript
This person is primarily a Senior Developer on hardware side versus an
app developer, with good systems knowledge, and any amount of Telecom
experience. The task will be to deal with a tough technical environment,
re-engineer the system from V1 to V2, re-engineer for growth, we are
growing at a phenomenal rate and this is a business critical role, high
visibility within the company; interesting application - has realtime
and non realtime parts, lots of different parameters, this person will
get to call the shots - design/architect the system how they think best.
2. Developer Skills Required:
 - 5+ years experience designing and developing web-based (server-side)
   systems using Java or Perl.
 - 3+ years experience working in a team environment with source control
   (experience with CVS is a plus).
 - Strong database development (Oracle and MS SQL, query optimization,
   and debugging) and XML/XSL knowledge.
 - Deep experience in building scalable online services is highly
 - Experience working on all phases of a product cycle is highly
 - Experience with Apache, Tomcat, Velocity and various networking
   protocols are a plus.
 - AI/NLP experience is a plus.
 - Lead experience is a plus.
This role is for an expert Perl Developer to join a small team of other
Perl experts. It's a small, rapidly moving team with not a lot of
overhead, all developers rewriting a product that needs re-architecture
to get data out faster. The product has gotten big & klugey over time,
as a result of evil-lution (so to speak). Lots of responsibilities,
you'd be expected to take charge right away with little direction,
limited requirements, no spec's, much like a R&D team but more 'D' than
'R'. There are a lot of unanswered questions on how to improve the
product and at times the team has to feel their way around, and ready to
change direction with development when necessary. Must be comfortable
and excited about working with a highly collaborative team of fellow
Senior Developers.
Jackie Wolfstone
IT Recruiting Manager
jwolfstone at marchex.com
Join the Local Revolution! http://www.marchex.com/careers/
Check out our blog:  http://www.localpoint.com/

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