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Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Jun 3 16:02:42 PDT 2008

Fellow SPUGsters,

A chance to temporarily revisit an earlier career arose, so I've been
teaching classes on Physiological Psychology and behavioral research
techniques for a local university for most of the last year. It was a
fun interlude, but starting in July I'll be returning to my job
of the last 25+ years--teaching courses on UNIX, Linux, or Perl to
corporate clients.

The Summer schedule of public class offerings in Seattle is shown below,
along with additional details. Four Perl classes are on the schedule.
Discount pricing will apply to readers of this list.

Let me know if you're interested, or if you have any questions!

Best wishes,
-Tim Maher
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            TITLE               DATES    Days   EarlyBird
  UNIX/Linux Fundamentals     7/15-07/18   4      6/13
  Perl Programming            8/04-08/06   3      7/03
  Perl Modules, plus CGI      8/07-08/08  1.5     7/03
  Shell Programming           8/18-08/20   3      7/18
  UNIX/Linux Utilities        8/21-08/22   2      7/18
  Minimal Perl                9/15         1      8/15
  Intermediate Perl           9/16-09/18   3      8/15
  Advanced Shell Programming  9/22-09/26  4.5     8/22
           (All classes taught by Dr. Tim Maher)
  * Some dates on the schedule are still flexible at this point, so if
    you'd like to take one of the listed classes during a different
    week, please let us know.

  * The scheduled classes will be held in Downtown Seattle, Lake
    Union, the South-Center Mall (Tukwila) area, Kirkland, or
    elsewhere, depending on customer preferences. Let us know what
    suits you!

  * For groups of 3 or more students from the same company, ask about
    "on-site" classes! For 1-2 students, ask about tutoring.


General Information:
Course Listings:
        Perl,       http://TeachMePerl.com/perllist.html
        UNIX/Shell, http://TeachMeUnix.com/unixlist.html
On-Site Training:
Prices and Registration:
Instructor Evaluations:
Tim's "Minimal Perl" book:

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