SPUG: OpenOffice::OODoc and Impress Question

Orr, Chuck (NOC) CO4004 at att.com
Tue Jul 29 10:50:59 PDT 2008

Hello Seattle Perl Geniuses,


     First...did you know you can automagically create Powerpoint
presentations with perl?  It's true, but there are a couple intermediate
steps and I am experiencing issues navigating the process.  I sent the
following query off to the folks who wrote the OpenOffice::OODoc module
and the linked website, but thought I'd share locally as well in case
anyone can help:




     I am attempting to use the OpenOffice-OODoc module to create
OpenOffice Impress presentation as described here:




When I do so, the resulting Impress presentation is one blank slide.  I
unzipped the resulting .sxi file and found that the content.xml file
places the </office:presentation> tag before the slides.  As a result,
you never get to see the slides.  SOFFICE apparently ignores the tag and
the presentation can be viewed in its entirety.  My question to you is:
how can I correct the content.xml file as produced by the module?  


In the attached current_output.txt file, you can see I have changed the
tag in question's font color to red.  I moved the tag manually, resaved
the file using WinZIP, and poof! the presentation becomes visible and I
can convert it to .ppt and make the world happy.  Otherwise, they just
get one blank slide.


I appreciate any insight you can share.

Thank You,





Chuck Orr

NVSO Quality Assurance Engineer

Desk (425) 288-6420

Cell (425) 879-9299


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