SPUG: Programming diagramming software

Bradley E. Young byoung at speakeasy.org
Wed Jul 23 03:52:20 PDT 2008


While you asked for linux and open source, I wanted to offer that I've had good luck with using MS Visio and win32:: OLE. 

The hardest part is understanding how the documentation (which is extensive, but could be better written) maps to the reality of programming against the object model.  That and the joy that is COM.

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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 20:55:14 
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Subject: SPUG: Programming diagramming software

The other day I looked at a programming book and it showed this cool 
little system for diagramming your programming; uses squares, diamonds, 
and arrows, and such. 

I was wondering if anyone knew of any open-source programs that could 
help me make those diagrams very quickly.  I did a Google search but 
mostly found proprietary packages.  I'm mainly interested in programs 
that work in Linux, but I also wouldn't mind having one for the Windows 
computer that I (unfortunately am required to) use at work.

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