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Wed Jan 30 07:40:12 PST 2008

Perl Software Developer Wanted:
- required skill-set:
    As a Perl Software Developer, you will work with the Lucidoc development
    team to develop and maintain core perl based software technologies. You will
    be focusing more on the interface and perl application areas of the system,
    though some core development may be occasionally required.
 - Work on the perl development portion of the current generation of
   core web-based system
 - Enhance the current techology as needed in response to customer and
   market needs
 - Work closely with DBA to coordinate application process and object
   code with ontology and metadata
 - architect and develop enhancements to the core system
 - Resolve application-level design and functional issues
 - Consult on, implement custome solutions as needed
 - Competencies:
   - good sw engineering practices, experience building rich internet
   - practical knowledge of web interface, security, rich application
     design and development
   - strong verbal and written communication skills
   - positive get it done attitude
 - Understanding, experience with web development languages/technologies
   (mainly Perl), also JavaScript, DHTML, XML, and CSS
 - Practical knowledge of Oracle, SQL Server, and/or other
   database systems
 - Familiarity with Web development and deployment technologies on Linux
   and Windows
 - Experience with and understanding of basic usability principles and
   interface design
 - Experience with and understanding of Web Services in general,
   AJAX a plus
 - Familiarity with documentation, workflow, compliance management
   systems, requirements is useful
- permanent position preferred
- great benefits, stock plan under formulation
- direct hire with Lucidoc Corporation
- W-2 preferred
- location: Redmond, WA
- telecommuting options: occasionally
- company's product or service: leading edge Software as a Service
  (SaaS) company with focus on compliance and policy management, client
  focus currently in Health Care and Finance industries, growth planned;
  interesting ontology technology core
- Other Requirements:
    The joy of working in a small company on a highly competent,
    forward looking technology team, on the leading edge of emerging
    application design
For information on the company, see www.lucidoc.com
For more information on the position, send email to careers at lucidoc.com
To apply, send your resume to careers at lucidoc.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

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