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Development Manager Job Description
Permanent Position
W-2 Status
Physical Location:  1301 Fifth Ave, Suite 1600 map
                    Seattle, WA 98101
No Telecommuting
Company's Product: WhitePages.com provides a simple, fast and reliable
                   way to find personal and business contact information
                   online, and via web-enabled mobile devices. We also
                   power the white pages of several leading websites and

Our Mission: To be the single best source for finding information to contact people.
Contact Information:  jcaggiano at whitepages.com

Job Incentives:  Bonus Plan and Stock Incentives

Contact:  Initially through recruiters and then with other company staff

1. Job Overview 

   The Development Manager is responsible for leading 6-12 member
   technical teams and is responsible for overseeing architecture
   direction and development for new and existing products. Assists
   project management and product owners to meet time/cost objectives.
   Councils and mentors team members and conducts performance
   evaluations and career planning. Analyzes and refines practices and
   process to ensure team produces documented, high-quality, stable and
   high-performance applications for WhitePages.com.

2.  Job Responsibilities

a. Duties and Responsibilities
 - Be a role model to the team.
 - Facilitate effective team interaction.
 - Keep team well informed of changes within the organization.
 - Set team expectations and enforce coding standards and best practices.  
 - Encourage team to make and keep commitments.
 - Work with others to establish project objectives, estimates and schedules.  
 - Manage development projects, including assigning work, monitoring
   schedules, solving and/or elevating issues, and providing
   constant communication both within the project team and to other
   interested parties.
 - Manage and facilitate relationships between development staff and
 - Provide managerial leadership within the organization.
 - Assist in establishing, maintenance, and improvement of Product
   Development processes and procedures.
 - Ensure team understands and meets business project objectives and
 - As necessary, assist in development. 

b. Management Responsibilities

The Development Manager will have line management responsibilities, including:

 - Recruit experienced, high-value employees
 - Performance Reviews
 - Career planning
 - Participate in salary reviews and adjustments
 - Coaching and mentoring
 - Counseling
 - Team building
 - Expense report approval
 - Time and resource management
 - Manage difficult personnel situations and tactfully communicate
   sensitive information

3. Position Complexities and Conditions of Employment (Position demands
   that may apply, such as overnight shift work, daily and over-night
   travel requirements, high level of responsibilities with high-impact
   to the organization.

 - Outlined in responsibilities and competencies.  

4. Job Competencies

a) Technical knowledge, skills and abilities (Minimum required
   education, experience and specialized skills unique to this

 - BS degree in a computer-oriented technical discipline or equivalent
 - 7+ years experience in technology, including 3+ years product
   development management or leadership.
 - Superior people skills - the focus of this position is maximizing the
   effectiveness of a team.
 - Assertive individual with a high-energy level. Entrepreneurial in
   nature, willing to take responsibility for product success.
 - Excellent project, resource, and requirements management skills.
 - Ability to manage and maintain multiple projects simultaneously,
   satisfying multiple constituencies, while still keeping overall
   corporate goals in mind.
 - Experience in technology product development, preferably with online
 - Experience working in an Open Source environment, including the use
   of Perl, Apache, Linux, CVS, Bugzilla, etc.
 - Thorough understanding of, and experience with, various Product
   Development Life Cycles.
 - Deep and broad background in software development with hands-on
   experience in various SDLCs (Software Development Life Cycles),
   system architectures, programming languages, relational databases,
   Internet technologies, and system development methodologies
 - Strong business aptitude, including an understanding of the financial
   aspects of the business.
 - Analytical skills, able to creatively and explore multiple avenues,
   and move abstract concepts to implementation.
 - Excellent communication and presentation skills.
 - Ability to provide leadership and influence peers in a team
   environment and effectively establish positive inter-department
   relationships. Proven ability to effectively communicate with
   different levels of staff and external contacts.
 - Strong Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project)
 - Excellent knowledge of scripting languages such as Perl and
   object-oriented concepts.
 - Experience implementing database-driven, web-based applications and
   client/server, internet system architectures.
 - Understands browser / client specific compatibility issues.
 - Knowledge of Apache and mod_perl. 
 - Experience with HTML and CSS.
 - Knowledge of XML and XSLT.
 - Possesses demonstrated work experience with relevant technologies.
 - Proven track record in all of the above.

b) Behavioral competencies

 - Leadership - Focuses on doing whatever must be done to produce
   the best near and long-term results for the company; communicates
   and supports near-term company direction and long-term vision for
   the future; provides a strong and positive role model and leads
   by example.
 - staffing/Hiring - Determines appropriate resources and develops
   hiring plan to achieve departmental goals; works with recruiting
   as an active participant in the hiring process to achieve hiring
   plan; evaluates qualifications of candidates and successfully
   determines if a candidate's skills and qualifications meet the
   job. Takes the time to hire the people capable of best succeeding
   in our culture; successfully trains and on-boards new employees to
   reduce employee turnover
 - Managing and Supervision - Effectively defines team goals and
   supports achievement of those goals by organizing people and
   resources; acknowledges and understand his/her role in developing the
   team to achieve its successes; communicates and encourages the team
   and individuals to high performance standards; sets clear
   expectations; delegates tasks and responsibility, empowers others to
   make decisions and achieve results; fosters accountability to ensure
   achievement of goals.
 - Coaching and development - Strives to develop and improve skills of
   direct reports by identifying areas of performance strengths and
   development opportunities; provides ongoing coaching to develop,
   mentor or counsel employees; provides ongoing feedback and is
   diligent in following up when improvements or additional feedback is
   needed; takes timely and appropriate action to address performance
   issues. Provides on the job development opportunities; develops
   employees into positions in which they can succeed.
 - Rewards and recognition - Gives credit to employees and other team
   members through verbal feedback, public acknowledgement and formal
   recognition program; makes compensation decisions in line with
   compensation plan to reward employees based on performance and
 - Interpersonal Skills - Demonstrates competence at promoting
   cooperation and building team spirit; checks in with others in the
   organization and builds bonds by demonstrating an ability to find
   common ground and build rapport, recognizes that nothing important
   gets done alone or in a silo; fosters the value of relationships and
   gets along well with others, even during times of conflict.
 - Problem solving - Seeks to understand why problems exist, is thorough
   in gathering information and works to facilitate open dialog with
   impacted groups and/or people to understand root causes, resolve
   problems and prevent recurrences
 - Employee Empowerment - Provides the tools and resources for employees
   to resolve problems; proactively anticipates and eliminates potential
   obstacles that prevent assignments from being completed on time and
   with high quality; encourages others to identify problems and works
   with them to create a process to resolve.

Joni Caggiano
search. find. connect.
m: 919.815.5977

jcaggiano at whitepages.com

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