SPUG: 5.10 adoption strategies

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Thu Jan 17 07:07:20 PST 2008

I'm interested to know how fully folks are adopting 5.10 and what their
strategies are for migrating away from (or allowing co-existence of) 5.8.
If you've moved beyond the developer-only curiosity stage, could you share
your experience?

* Have you fully adopted 5.10 for a production environment, or is it still
at an evaluation stage?

* What strategies are you using for having two (or more) Perl environments?

* Do you plan to reduce eliminate older environments?

* On Unix/Linux, is it sufficient to have different paths to the executable,
then use these paths in the shebang line?

* Is anyone running two versions in Windows?

* How 'bout cygwin?

* What's your strategy for "vetting" legacy Perl programs (and modules)
through a test environment before allowing them to run in a production

* Have you found problems with backward compatibility?

* How do you maintain and install version-specific modules?  Is the
compile-time @INC sufficient?

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