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Wed Jan 9 18:54:19 PST 2008

The full desired skill-set and responsibilities are outlined below. This
is a permanent, W-2 position with a privately held company, allowing for
salary, benefits, and a 401K. Position is on-site, in Bellevue, WA. G2's
primary business is internet compliance monitoring. 

Perl Software Developer

We are seeking an experienced Perl Developer to collaborate with  
business and technical staff to design, develop and maintain G2's  
applications and internal systems. Who are we? G2 Web Services is a  
fast growing leader in Internet Compliance monitoring, located in  
Bellevue, WA. We're profitable, not bound by venture capitalists, and  
actively extending existing infrastructure. G2 believes that happy  
employees create better products, so we work with you on tools you  
need, provide snacks and drinks for free, and give you a choice of OS  
X, Windows, or Linux on your desktop before you come to work.

You would assist our extraordinary development team in creating and  
extending cool technologies scouring data all over the Internet and  
attempting to make sense of it. The ideal person knows how to work by  
themselves as well as with others, and works well in a fast-paced  
environment. You should know how to build modules in Perl, have  
experience in object oriented programming, and be able to talk about  
it as a human being, not as a textbook.

Your responsibilities include:

- Implementing scalable, robust, parallel systems interacting with very
  large data sets
- Working on new ways to parse, mine, and otherwise deal with completely
  unstructured data
- Optimizing, profiling and debugging existing software to make it
  stronger, better, and faster
- Writing, optimizing and maintaining fast, intelligent interfaces
  between distributed components and systems over multiple locations

Skills you must have:

- A very strong foundation in Object Oriented Perl and object oriented
- Experience and some ability in other object oriented languages, such
  as C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, or Java
- Familiarity and extensive use of CPAN modules -- Especially if you've
  ever contributed
- Experience and familiarity with MySQL or PostgreSQL
- Proven problem solving and analytical ability

What we'd like to see:

- Experience with concurrent computing, using multithreading or other
  types of parallel processing
- Work in start-up like environments, and/or commercial software
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
- Understanding, and preferably experience with, socket programming or
  web protocols with Perl

If you feel like this job description is general in spots, you're right,
it is. G2 has a number of sensitive clients, many projects on the go,
and we can't give it all away here. If you're the kind of developer who
loves tackling hard problems and dealing with complex systems: we've got
them. As a progressive employer, we offer a competitive salary based on
your experience and fit, with a complete benefits package as well as
growth opportunities in a flexible work environment. If you're
interested, forward a cover letter, resume, and code examples if you
have them to jobs at g2llc.com.

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