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Thu Feb 7 10:38:48 PST 2008

Based in Park City, Utah, Backcountry.com is a growing dot com that
embraces open source. We operate six e-commerce sites on Perl, PostreSQL
and Red Hat. Additionally, our warehouse management, merchandising,
marketing and customer solutions tools follow the same mold. Our
development staff is at 15 right now and we're looking to grow the team by
30-50% this year.

Backcountry.com is a high growth company and a great opportunity lives

 - contract or permanent position: either
 - for contracts, expected duration and pay range: 3 months to 1 year,
   pay based on experience
 - for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other
   incentive plans: profit sharing
 - Direct placement with company
 - Either W-2 or 1099 status is acceptable
 - No 1099 restrictions
 - Located in Park City, UT
 - We'd like permanent to relocate but the right individual could change
   that. Temporary could work remotely after an initial visit.
 - E-commerce - Niche outdoor gear

For more information about the company, please see:


We'll be posting more positions shortly for junior, mid-level, and senior
developer positions shortly. Between now and then, please send me your
resume directly if you don't fit a profile on our site. We're looking for
OO Perl, AJAX and strong framework experience. We've currently built our
own custom Perl framework that's based on Ruby. We're using RoseDB as

Our culture is unique. We're a bunch of outdoor freaks. It's casual dress
and we have powder mornings. Work is flexible and the people rock. We have
PhD dropouts, Mechanical Engineers, Psychology majors and high school
grads killing it for us. We love them all.

To apply to the position above, please go to:


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