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Fri Feb 1 21:04:18 PST 2008

[Sorry if this information is weak. I'm tired of getting recruiters to
recognize how valuable your time is. -Ed.]

Interested in individuals that can effectively utilize the modules in CPAN
to create high performance data mining and aggregation utilities and
processes with highly scalable databases.  Additionally, working on new
ways to parse, mine, and otherwise deal with completely unstructured data.  
Optimizing, profiling and debugging existing software to make it stronger,
better, and faster will be part of your skill set. Writing, optimizing and
maintaining fast, intelligent interfaces between distributed components
and systems over multiple locations will round out the need I have.  You
will be engineering in advanced Perl (Mod-Perl and OO Perl).  They are
committed to the utilization of Open Source.

The location is in North Bellevue with no parking restrictions.  This is a
permanent position with excellent benefits and salary.  They have flexible
hours with the occasional telecommute possibility.

The company is in the financial services internet web compliance business.
The company has experienced phenomenal growth over the past two years.  
This is an add to staff as a result of said growth.

Bill Parfitt
Parfitt Search Partners Technical Recruiting
Technical Search Division
425-844-1600 Office
206-992-6392 Cell
bparfitt at parfittsearch.com

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