SPUG: Looking for Getopt::Std

Phil Kirsch phil at scharp.org
Fri Feb 1 06:13:09 PST 2008

I'm trying to bring some perl code into a new client's environment and 
find that they don't have Getopt::Std. I'm not finding it on CPAN. I'm 
finding "Getopt-Std-With-Check" (which also requires Getopt::Std) and a 
lot of other variants, but when I search for "Getopt::Std" on CPAN the 
only available downloads seem to be Perl-5.10.0. I realize the module 
might be incorporated in the new version, but I'm really not wanting to 
move to that.

Can anybody tell me where to find the "Getopt::Std" module?


Phil Kirsch

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