SPUG: TargetProcess: an Agile/Scrum project management tool

Aaron West tallpeak at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 30 14:02:06 PST 2008

Off-topic, but I thought this might be of interest to some developers or
teams, if you have a spare Windows machine to install on. 

I just installed this web-based Scrum (agile) project management tool on my
Windows machine and found it quite cool (easy to setup, easy to use,
amazingly problem-free so far.)

"TargetProcess is a world-class Agile Software platform that makes project
management for software development projects easy. The TargetProcess project
management software radically simplifies Agile project planning, tracking
(bug tracking, time tracking, etc.) and software quality assurance


"...TargetProcess won Jolt Productivity Awards at 2006 and 2008"
"License	Proprietary, free for 5 users"

Even more:

04.04.2008 - 12:28 ... "Often developers stand against any APM tool since it
takes time to enter data, we've tried to eliminate most of the problems.
With Subversion integration TargetProcess may extract data from commit
messages and automatically change task state, add time and comments. Weekly
time sheet provides simple way to report spent time." ...

Okay, now, excuse the interruption. 

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