SPUG: Console auto-completion

Christopher Howard choward at indicium.us
Mon Dec 15 17:49:58 PST 2008

Thanks everybody for the help with CGI sessions. I'm implementing 
CGI::Session now, and it seems to be very easy to use.

And now, just when you thought you'd have some peace and quiet, here's 
another question for you:

Any of you guys worked with implementing auto-completion in Perl 
(bash-style)? I'm coding this console-based program at work, and there is 
is one section of the program where the user has to input the name of the 
directory where the file changes need to be made. It'd be /really/ cool if 
I could get the program to autocomplete the rest of the directory name when 
the user presses tab or something.

I'm currently looking at Term::ReadLine and Term::Complete, but I was 
curious for your thoughts, suggestions, and such like.

Christopher Howard
choward at indicium.us

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