SPUG: dealing with HTML on list (was: Independent project)

John Costello cos at indeterminate.net
Wed Aug 13 13:38:08 PDT 2008

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, Andrew Sweger wrote:

> There is an option in this list server to have it convert text/html to
> plain text. There are also options to remove various attachments (many
> options).
> Is there general interest from the members to employ these features? Any
> questions? Debate?

Pine handles HTML emails pretty well from my terminal shell, so I fall 
into the "I don't care either way" camp as far as format conversion.

I can see a few good reasons for blocking attachments.  I think it was on 
this list that someone accidentally sent a copy of a binary that they 
didn't want released, and it would trim the (apparently already small) 
possibility of viruses spreading through the list.  Since this is a perl 
list, I'd assume people can paste perl scripts into thei text emails.  No 
strong feeling on this, however.

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