SPUG: JOB: Software Engineer with mod_perl expertise, Seattle

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Tue Apr 22 09:57:37 PDT 2008

Job Description

Client is looking to expand its development team with the addition of a
talented, motivated software engineer. Successful candidates must be able
write sustainable and maintainable code quickly and accurately. You must
have a passion for writing modular software systems capable of handling
large loads and high-traffic patterns. You will be asked to contribute
multiple innovative solutions to difficult problems. Candidates should have
a thirst for knowledge and be willing to constantly push the boundaries of
our coding methods, our coding styles, and our coding results. 


 - Write scalable, maintainable code, unit, functional, and
   acceptance tests
 - Create semi-fleshed out CSS and template files 
 - Contribute to system design and architecture decisions 
 - Assist in QA and firefighting efforts as necessary 


 - Thorough understanding of object-oriented methodology 
 - Thorough understanding of MVC architectures 
 - Experience with coding database-backed web applications 
 - Expert knowledge in either mod_perl or Ruby on Rails 
 - Intermediate knowledge of a mod_perl templating language 
 - Intermediate CSS and Javascript skills 
 - Willingness to work in an Agile development environment 
 - Ability to clearly and concisely communicate technical ideas

Other information:

 - Permanent
 - Placement through Recruiter
 - W-2
 - Seattle, WA
 - No Telecommuting
 - Company's product: confidential

For immediate consideration, please email your resumes to
ultimate.sourcer at gmail.com

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