SPUG: Free books at Tuesday meeting

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Sun Apr 13 15:13:16 PDT 2008

My friend, Jennifer, cleared out some older items from her library and
gave me the following titles to give away at Tuesday's meeting. Although
many of these may be older editions, the information is still applicable
and could be perfect for someone getting started. As near as I can tell,
none of these are signed copies.

Perl related:

Perl Cookbook, 1st Ed.                  http://amazon.com/dp/1565922433
Programming Perl, 2nd Ed.               http://amazon.com/dp/1565921496
Perl in a Nutshell, 1st Ed.             http://amazon.com/dp/1565922867
Learning Perl, 2nd Ed.                  http://amazon.com/dp/1565922840

Perl Conference 4.0 (aka OSCON 2000) materials

(Ah, Monterey, California. Such sweet memories.)

Practical Parsing with Parse::RecDescent, Damian Conway
Advanced Parsing wiht Parse::RecDescent, Damian Conway
Advanced Object-Oriented Perl, Damian Conway
Regular Expressions, Mark-Jason Dominus
Proceedings of the Perl Conference 4.0  http://amazon.com/dp/0596000138

Other stuff

Learning the vi Editor, 6th Ed.         http://amazon.com/dp/1565924266
Open Source Development with CVS        http://amazon.com/dp/1576104907
Learning Java                           http://amazon.com/dp/1565927184
Thinking in Java, 2nd Ed.               http://amazon.com/dp/0130273635
Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours            http://amazon.com/dp/0672310686
HTML 4 for the World Wide Web           http://amazon.com/dp/0201696967

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                                things can go wrong at once.

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