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Tue Sep 25 11:00:08 PDT 2007

* contract or permanent position: 6 months contract to hire
* for contracts, expected duration and pay range: 50-60$ an hour DOE
* for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other
  incentive plans: Yes, stock options and excellent benefits
* placement through recruiter, or directly with company? Recruiter
* W-2 vs. 1099 status: W-2 only
* physical location: Seattle Downtown
* telecommuting possible?  NO
* company's product or service: Telecom


Do you want to help over 9 million local businesses advertise against a
measurable ROI? The opportunity is tremendous!

A bit about us 

-----serves publishers, agencies and aggregators in the US & UK markets
and we are looking for the Best of the Best to help take the company to
the next level. ----- offers essential marketing services for companies
doing business on and offline. We are a full suite of phone-to-web
products and tools help businesses connect with highly motivated
customers. ----- pioneered Pay Per Phone Call by aligning the interests
of consumers, paying advertisers, agencies and publishers.

Who we're looking for 

We are looking for a seasoned professional with real experience.
Execution-oriented folks with a wicked sense of humor only please 

A bit about the job 

You will be writing Web applications with Perl in Mason, JavaScript
(AJAX) and writing SQL.  You must be comfortable with the following
technology: Perl, SQL (Postgres), HTML & JavaScript.

Targeted Qualifications 

 VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP/VoIP knowledge, TCP/IP, DNS, Security, Etc...

Before you apply, please note that we expect you to pick and complete 3
of the following perl programs and discuss. 

no additional modules or external programs may be used. 



use Getopt::Std; 
use vars '$opt_p'; 
use strict; 

# no other modules or external programs are permitted. 

# print out all prime numbers less than or equal to $opt_p 


use strict; 

# no other modules or external programs are permitted. 

# read standard input. print a "hexdump" to standard output
# use the following sample output format: 
# 00000000: 7F454C46 01010100 00000000 00000000 .ELF............ 
# 00000010: 02000300 01000000 14860408 34000000 ............4... 
# 00000020: 1C0E0000 00000000 34002000 06002800 ........4. ...(. 
# 00000030: 19001600 06000000 34000000 34800408 ........4...4... 



use strict; 

# no other modules or external programs are permitted. 

my($year, $month) = @ARGV; 
die "unsupported year\n" if $year < 1900; 
die "invalid month\n" if $month < 1 || $month > 12; 
# print out an HTML table of a calendar for the specified month + year 



use strict; 

# no other modules or external programs are permitted. 

my $CDSIZE = 600; # megabytes 
my $DIR = "/home/mp3"; 

# assume: this is a unix-like system 
# assume: all music is stored as $DIR/bandname/albumname/songname.mp3 
# determine how to place files onto a set of backup CDs
# the output should be one line per backup CD, listing bandnname/albumname. 

# eg: 

# band1/album1 band1/album2 band2/album1 


Thank you 

 Fedra Yazdi

Sr. Technical Recruiter 
Parker Technical | 605 Fifth Ave S, Suite 850 | Seattle, WA 98104
fedray at parkerservices.com | p: 206-652-1583 | f: 206-223-8227 | m:
Connect with me through LinkedIn

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