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Tue Oct 23 15:50:09 PDT 2007

It is either contract to hire or direct full-time (depending on the
situation of the candidate- leaving an full time job, looking for contract
first, etc).

Location: Tukwila (1 day per week), with telecommuting option the rest of
the week.

Sector- Ecommerce.

Parsimony is developed in Perl and is responsible for all critical
business operations including sales, ordering, fulfillment, inventory
control, customer relationship management, statistics, website operations,
time keeping, and accounting. Parsimony is responsible for the success of
the company and enables others to do their job.

Were looking to take Parsimony to the next level and are seeking a Senior
Software Developer to get it there!

Skills to have:

Have strong business judgment. You will be interacting with senior level
management to understand their problems and develop solutions that address
their needs. If you understand the business value of the code you're
writing, that will help immensely.

Be proficient in Perl. Parsimony is written in Perl and at the time of
this job description is almost 250,000 lines of Perl. Even if you choose
to write something in another language, you'll need to be able to read
everything that the original code base does and understand it. It does
quite a lot as it turns out.

Be familiar with SQL. Parsimony relies on an SQL database for its backend
storage. You should be familiar enough with SQL or willing to pick it up.

Be comfortable in a Linux environment. All software is developed in Linux.

This is a startup and the environment is full of people willing to try new
things. If you're looking to develop something and launch it in the same
day without running it through the process cabal, then this Client is for

High impact. Parsimony enables people throughout the company to do their
job. As such, any development that you do is valued and helps drive the
business even further.

Solid foundation. Despite being a startup, there is an IT group in place
that handles networking, data center, and desk-side. You won't be trouble
shooting the basics which will allow you to focus on development.

World class development team. The hiring bar this Client is high. The team
consists of former Amazon employees as well as the former head of
technology at Zumiez. You will be impressed.

If all this sounds exciting to you - you should email Jason Henson at
jhenson at comsys.com

This is a contract to hire opportunity, the initial contract will be set
for 1 year, with the understanding of possibly being hired on to the

There is the ability to telecommute for this opportunity spending 1-2 days
in the Tukwila office.

If qualified/interested in this position, please forward your resume to
jhenson at comsys.com


Jason T. Henson
11245 SE 6th St Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 372-5134 Office
(425) 372-5200 Fax
jhenson at comsys.com

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