SPUG: Meeting Announcement -- 15 May, 2007

Daina Wilburn dwilburn at whitepages.com
Fri May 11 00:31:17 PDT 2007

    May 2007 Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG) Meeting

    Topic: Transformation of Free Software into Libre Services
    Speaker: Mohsen Banan, founder, Free Protocols Foundation
    Meeting Date: Tuesday, 15 May 2007
    Meeting Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
    Location: Whitepages.com offices, downtown Seattle

    Cost: Admission is free and open to the public
    Info: http://seattleperl.org/


This coming Tuesday, May 15th, promises to be a very intriguing evening, as we come together once again for the regular monthly meeting of the Seattle Perl Users Group. This month Mohsen Banan will be talking about the Libre Services model, an extension of the principles of free software into the domain of Internet services.

An excerpt from Mr. Banan:

  "Libre Services are implemented entirely in free software, based entirely on patent-free protocols, and reproducible as a complete service by anyone. Any company, organization or individual can reproduce and host any Libre Service, and deliver the service to others. Or any group of individuals can host the service for themselves, thus acting as their own service provider.  .... The Libre Services model exists in relationship to the proprietary Internet services model of AOL, MSN and Yahoo, in an analogous way to how GNU/Linux exists in relation to Microsoft Windows. " 

The Libre Services Manifesto, the overarching document, organized as a series of independent articles, describes every aspect of the Libre Services model, and can be found at http://www.libreservices.org. 

So, come one and all!  Remember to bring someone who hasn't ventured over before, and, of course, remember to bring yourself!

Thanks again to the Whitepages folk for providing all we need to have a great meeting and presentation, to all the SPUG members that show up at meetings or participate on the list to make the group worthwhile in the first place, and all the JAPHs out there for just being.

Meeting Location

Whitepages.com is located on the 16th floor of the Rainier Square
Tower (1301 5th Avenue, Seattle) which is across from the 5th Avenue

See the directions[1] for a quick primer on how to reach us from
various locations across Puget Sound.

There are plenty of locations to park in the area, including on the
street. If you're looking for off-street parking, you can park in the
Rainier Square garage which has an entrance on Union St.

After 6PM, the building management restricts access to most floors.
Our host is trying to take care of this, but if unsuccessful, they
will station someone on the 1st floor near the elevator bank and 5th
Avenue entrance to let people in. Worst case scenario, give the host a
call on his cell phone[2] or [3] and he'll run down to let you in.

Our hosts are providing a generous assortment of free sodas, fruit
drinks, teas, and coffee, and also have some snacks. You definitely
won't dehydrate here.

See you there! -DW

[1] - https://vpn.whitepages.com/go/www.whitepagesinc.com/locations
[2] - 206 354 7789 - Colin Meyer
[3] - 206-271-9267 - Daina Wilburn
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