SPUG: JOB: senior technologist, New York City

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Fri Mar 9 10:05:54 PST 2007

Looking for a senior technologist with very much hands-on to manage a
very talented team of Geek developers mandated to design, develop a
distributed file system to develop and deploy distributed applications
globally. The right candidate should consider himself to be a geek and
should have a proven track record supporting it. In addition, the
following skills are absolutely required.

  - Must understand Andrew File System (in a lot of detail), NFS (in a
    lot of detail) and other distributed file systems
  - Must have administered the software distribution for a large
    organization or university. "Large" includes several groups, several
    locations and possibly across the globe
  - Must be very proficient in Perl and Object Oriented Perl. Must
    have proven track record in developing complex and reliable
    applications in Perl
  - Must have extensive experience in compiling software (Open Source,
    In-house developed) across multiple platforms
  - Must quickly understand existing thousands of lines already
    developed in Perl to give direction to the existing
    development teams
  - Must have experience in managing people
  - Industry leadership in Systems Administration, Perl Development,
    Software Distribution and large site management is a big plus.
  - The Manager is open to a Contract or Permanent position
    (candidate's choice).
  - As for Perm, the compensation is open but based on what we're
    willing to pay a contractor we're looking at a total compensation
    package of about $180-200K.
  - As a Perm the position will be with Merrill Lynch (which provides
    outstanding benefits). As far as Stock Options, etc. it needs to be
    discussed with the hiring manager during the interview process.
  - No 1099's (but legitimate Corp-to-Corp is acceptable)
  - No telecommuting

Please e-mail me with any questions to ben_knauer at ml.com

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