SPUG: JOB: 6+ month data munger in Kirkland

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Sat Mar 3 09:36:16 PST 2007

Six month plus W2 Contract Position open with a client in Kirkland



Telecommuting not offered at this time

Project description: 

Routers and equipment are across the country.  Fetch the statistical data;
write reports and do performance reporting.  Write scripts and solutions
for large amounts of data.  5-10 different network elements; parse it out;
store it in a regional database.

Downtown Kirkland immediately needs two contractors to do development and
some operational reporting.  Contracts will be 6+ months.

- Work with engineering and operations teams to define network reporting
  and tools requirements
- Network tools development including design, documentation, code
  development, testing, installation procedures, operations manuals,
  system backup procedures, and maintenance requirements.
- Support existing and newly created tools that are used within the
  production network.
- Primary skills needed are PERL for parsing of the data and SQL
- In depth knowledge of networking and IP protocols  
- SNMP would be "pretty important; C++ Java interface might be good to
  know; maybe HTML"

Out of a network or operational environment would be a plus; monitoring
and reporting; know how to write and program reports

Environment is run somewhat like a start-up company.  No firm documented
requirements/not a classic development shop; "here's the problem, try to
figure out a solution", so they need to be able to work in this kind of
environment.  Fairly flexible; open to some telecommuting after they are
established (not all the time) normal hours are 8-5; OT available

If interested please send resumes to:

    Kirk Nishi
    Senior Technical Recruiter
    800-235-4091 Ext 136
Thank you

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