SPUG: OT: Hosting service recommendation

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Fri Jun 29 08:37:11 PDT 2007

Off topic...

But also to a well-informed, well-connected group that knows local hosting

Can you recommend a hosting service with these services for setting up a
collaborative sw environment for version control and bug tracking:
  - "vanity" domain hosting
  - standardized, simple-minded home page (without custom coding)
  - shell access (including Perl)
  - svn server (for collaborative sw version control with clients)
  - some kind of ticket or bug tracking plugin (also for clients)
  - not too much bandwith required
  - about $10-30/month

I realize that the requirements are a blend of 
 - summer job web site
 - professional software developer

I was hoping that I could have expert tools without also having to do all
the custom web development.


Michael R. Wolf
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