SPUG: Grep syntax

Bill Campbell bill at celestial.com
Fri Jun 15 13:09:12 PDT 2007

On Fri, Jun 15, 2007, John W. Krahn wrote:
>Bill Campbell wrote:
>> The author of the perl (Net::CIDR from CPAN) seems to like using grep as a
>> method of processing arrays while doing no regular expression checking.  He
>> also does things like this to create an array, @bcopy, the same size as @b,
>> populated with 255.  This also takes advantage of perl's ``magic'' where
>> looping through an array allows one to modify elements of the array by
>> manipulating $_;
>> my @bcopy = @b;
>> grep { $_ = 255 } @bcopy;
>Or you could do that like this:
>$_ = 255 for my @bcopy = @b;

My biggest problem with this is that, without comments, many people
wouldn't realize that ``$_ = 255'' in this loop context is modifying the
contents of the @bcopy array.  I must admit that I've used this ``feature''
of perl many times, but I don't find it intuitively obvious.

Would bcopy still exist outside of this statement?  I would think that the
``my'' in the loop would be interpreted as local to the loop.

I tend to write code defensively, and break things into steps to be sure
that the language is doing what I want, something like this:

my @bcopy = ();
for (@b) {
	push(@bcopy, 255);

There's no possible ambiguity with this.

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