SPUG: Notice: Organizational Meeting to Revive GSLUG

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jul 20 19:48:27 PDT 2007

[This is a repost of the message I submitted to the Linux List, before I
noticed that Ken had SPUGly posted his Call to Arms also.]

Fellow Linux Fans,

As indicated in my "History of SPUG" interview (see
http://www.TeachMeLinux.com/interviews), one of the reasons the
Seattle Perl Users Group was so successful for so long was because I
was available to "pinch-hit" whenever we couldn't find another
speaker. In consequence, we never missed a meeting in the first 5
years or so of the group's existence, allowing us to maintain and
build momentum, instead of facilitating attrition by causing members
to wonder "Is there a SPUG meeting this month?".

Even better, we eventually launched a Bellevue franchise, resulting
in the Seattle area having /two/ monthly technical meetings on Perl
for 2 years!

I've been laying low for the last couple years, attempting to repair
the damage to my personal life caused by a 2+ year immersion in the
writing of my Perl book 8-{, but starting soon I'll be looking for
ways to remain involved in the local F/OSS community. One possibility
is I could reprise my role as the designated pinch hitter for the
rejuvenated GSLUG, and give talks on Shell Programming, UNIX/Linux
utilities, Perl Programming, Sys Admin, and the like on short notice,
to help keep the group alive.

P.S. Quite coincidentally, I've got a class on Shell Programming
     coming up soon, and today's officially the last day to get the
     early registration discount. But I'll extend the deadline until
     Wednesday to readers of this list. Web servers are waiting to
     process your form submissions! 8-}
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