SPUG: first vs //

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Jul 18 11:37:42 PDT 2007

> Interestingly, Larry's 'first' suggestion is now available in the core:
>    use List::Util qw/first/;
>    $var  = first { defined } $foo, $bar, $baz;

In the world of TMTOWTDI, I like.... *both*.

I initially liked the use of 'first' as more intuitive (for my definition of
intuitive).  In reading the "old arguments", I realized that the 'first'
subroutine does not (in fact, cannot) do short circuiting, in which case the
// operator is better.

$var = $foo // $bar // $baz;

Short circuiting (lazy evaluation) makes much more sense when functions are
called since they could have a non-trivial cost and side-effects that may
need to be avoided.  In some cases the later functions must be guarded
against execution if earlier ones succeed.

$var = foo() // bar() // baz();

A mixed example might be

$me_a_name_I_call_myself                        =
    $ENV{USERNAME}                              //
    $ENV{USER}                                  //
    getlogin()						||
    getpwuid($UID)                              ||
    qx( whoami | tr -d '\012' )                 ||
    qx( id --user --name | tr -d '\012' )       ||

This example mixes on two dimensions:
  variable reference vs function call
  || vs //

As I was creating it, I realized that the arguments to qx() would have to
have the newlines removed to be consistent with the variable contents.  And
I also realized that if they failed, they'd return an empty string.  

I decided (arbitrarily, I'm open to suggestions) that an empty string would
be OK (i.e. defined-ness) from an environment variable, but NOT from a qx().
Kinda' arbitrary, I realize, but if someone went to the trouble of setting
an environment variable to be an empty string, it was probably for a reason.

I could argue the other side, too.  Empty strings in variables should be
ignored in deference to a better choice.

$my_favorite_editor = qw(vi emacs)[rand 2];
$editor = $ENV{EDITOR} || $ENV{VISUAL} || $my_favorite_editor;

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