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Tue Jul 10 09:56:45 PDT 2007

I'd like to bring awareness to the members of the Seattle Perl Users Group
about a new full time position with Classsmates.com.  This is a permanent
position with Classmates located in Renton, WA.  The person hired for this
role will be working on a site outside of Classmates.com that will
encompass a team of less than 10 but will have the support of the 200+
FTE's of Classmates as needed.

At this time we are not looking for outside vendor assistance.  We are not
able to hire candidates that require work sponsorship at this time. The
work for this role would be required to be completed onsite at our
corporate headquarters in Renton.

The Opportunity:

United Online's Classmates.com owns several social networking sites. We're
looking for an experienced software engineer to maintain, develop and
eventually re-implement a legacy web and email production application.  
This particular position is part of a very small, narrowly focused team.  
You get the small team working environment with the HR benefits of a large

The First Three Tasks:

* Update email bounce processing to logically delete members associated
  with hard bounces.
* Update email bounce processing to increment soft bounces, eventually
  treating soft bounces over a threshold as a hard bounce.
* Increment web application to recognize one-to-many relationships
  between members.

Role Evolution:

* Refactor web, email and administrative applications.
* Support RDBMS change from PostgreSQL to Oracle.

The Job Requirements:

* Mod_PERL experience.
* Template Tookit experience a plus.
* PostgreSQL experience a plus.
* FreeBSD experience a plus.
* Email application experience a plus.
* BS/BA from an accredited college or university. Commensurate level of
  experience may waive the educational requirement.

All interested professionals should contact me directly via the email
and/or phone number provided below.

Thank you in advance,

Chad Monson
Classmates Online, Inc.
2001 Lind Avenue SW, Suite 500
Renton, WA 98055
T: 425.917.4931
F: 425.917.5001
cmonson at classmates.com

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