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Wed Jan 10 10:04:43 PST 2007

We have the following immediate requirement with our direct client in
Seattle, WA. The job description is given below. If you are interested,
please reply with a rate confirmation and your resume in word format.
Job Title:   Web Developers (multiple positions)
Duration:   6 months 
Location:  Seattle WA 

Web Developer

Key notes from discussion with the Hiring Manager

The client websites are built on the Java platform. Websites are built
by extending the functionality provided by the Java. 

The Java platform acts as an interface between the Website and the
platform. This platform is based on Apache and uses a combination of
Perl and Java technology. Perl programs are slowly being moved to Java
based programs. The SDEs will work on this layer. 

The client website is the presentation layer and interfaces with the
Java platform through a Struts, JSF. The Web Devs will work on this
layer and integrate with the Java platform for building the necessary
functionality into the website.

Web Devs need to develop website based on customer requirements and
integrate with the Java platform. All UI development should be based on
optimizing the performance of the website

Other info:

- Applications run on Linux OS and Oracle backend

- Client uses Agile methodology.  Candidates should have experience
with Agile development or with other RAD methodology. Should be familiar
and comfortable with scrum working

- Candidates should preferably have experience with implementation of
application or deployment of packages, especially with external
customers.  This background will give them experience in project
planning, meeting deadlines, being date driven and also a 'get it done'

Job Description

Typical background is a graduate software engineer with up to 5 years of
web development experience. Must show an interest in a broad range of
technologies and interested in developing enterprise grade web sites.
Candidates will be responsible for performing front-end development
activities involving presentation, primarily in the various dialects of
HTML (including XHTML and DHTML), Javascript, and CSS.  Examples of sites
being developed include Target.com, nbastore.com, Bombaycompany.com, and

The candidate must have significant experience and expertise in all of
the following:

Javascript/DHTML; XHTML; CSS

A templating environment such as Perl/Mason, JSF/Facelets, JSP, PHP, or

Good software engineering practices, such as Object Oriented Design,
proper variable use, good coding style, etc., as implemented in the
languages they are experienced in (e.g. Javascript)

Versioning concepts, and some sort of version control, such as CVS, SVN,
Perforce, VSS, etc.

Also should have significant experience and expertise in several, or all,
of the following:

Issues surrounding cross browser compatibility

Image manipulation and formats, including color models, lossy/lossless
compression, interlacing, palettes, and the usage of Photoshop, GIMP, or

Web technologies in general, such as HTTP

I18N, L10N, Unicode, and related areas



The ideal candidate will have additional experience or knowledge in one
or more of the following areas:


Java: JSP and/or Applets


Perl: CGI, Mason, LWP, XML


Any of WSH, Tcl/Tk, Python, Ruby, PHP, or unix shell scripting

Experience with other "Internet Document Formats", such as PDF, and
relevant toolsets, such as Acrobat

Experience with  relevant toolsets, such as Eclipse, Dreamweaver, etc.

Successful candidates should have a four year degree in a field such as
graphic arts or design.
Thanks and Regards,

Harpreet Singh.
Akraya Inc.
216 Lundy Ave, #200 San Jose, CA 

Direct Line:  408 .512 .2361
Fax Number   :408-907-6410
E FAX            :408-904-6610
URl        :www.akraya.com
E-mail: Harpreet.Singh at akraya.com <mailto:Harpreet.Singh at akraya.com> 

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