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Sat Jan 6 15:25:18 PST 2007

Perl Developer

I'm with StarTechnical and we are an I.T. Staffing and Consulting Company.
My client is a 2 plus year start-up based in Pioneer Square that is in the
mobile content and applications industry. They are expanding rapidly and
they are currently in need of a Perl developer to work within their
application team
They are seeking a Perl Developer who understands that Perl is a very
serious, high-level programming language used in large, complex,
high-performance applications, and not just a "scripting tool." Part of
their primary applications is written in PERL and this particular
application goes out and "crawls" sites to obtain information about
pricing, equipment and services offered.

* 5+ years programming in Perl. 
* HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CGI and web development experience.
* SQL experience. 
* C++ or C# (.NET) experience or knowledge is preferred.
* Full project life cycle experience. 
* Strong written and verbal communication skills. 
* Highly motivated, able to work both in a team and solo. 
* Must be able to meet deadlines and work well under pressure. 
* Strong attention to detail. 
* Strong communication skills and a passion for doing great work.
This position is a permanent full time position and medical, dental,
vision, holiday and sick pay plus pre-IPO stock options and a generous
performance bonus is offered along with a market base salary. The salary
is based on the years of experience and the skills sets of the qualified
This position does not allow for telecommuting at this time; however they
do have some telecommuting developers.
Qualified and interested candidates can submit their resume to:
JCSmith at StarTechnical.com
J.C. Smith
Star Technical, Inc.
Senior Technical Recuiter
JCSmith at Startechnical.com
208-437-0250 Direct

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